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Sun, April 21, 2019
Why marrying a best friend is not right
Dhaka, 8 September, Abnews: When my wife sought a divorce, I wasn’t shocked. I was almost expecting it. We had been married for three years and had known each other for more than twenty years. Yes, I married my best friend from school and when we took the plunge, we had no idea that it was the worst decision of our life.
It was a marriage of convenience
We were both in our late twenties when we tied the knot. We both had a past, which we were not proud of—she broke up with her boyfriend after she caught him cheating on her and after a trail of failed relationships, I was not interested in investing my emotions on anyone new. We were both single for two years and were under tremendous pressure from our respective families to ‘settle down’. So when we decided to get married, it was a marriage of convenience because we knew each other for years and believed nothing can go wrong.
We mistook friendship for love
We didn’t even have a first date. Can you believe that? We were the kind of friends who took our friendship for granted. I knew she was always there for me and she shared the same feelings. But we were just friends, we were not in love. And we believed we can survive without love. It was too late when we realised that it’s important to be friends with your spouse but a marriage cannot survive without love.
We were not compatible as lovers
We were best friends and we believed that was enough to be compatible partners. Trust me, it was far from the truth. And the worst thing was when we discovered we were not sexually compatible, we were in denial. We could not believe that despite knowing each other so well, we never felt sexually attracted. 
When we fought we didn’t have anyone to fall back on
Since we were best friends, we used to be each other’s life support during crisis. When we got married, we didn’t have anyone to fall back on. I missed the girl with whom I could share anything under the sun and she was the one who showed me the right way. When she became my wife, I didn't have anyone to ask for advice when I had problems in my married life.
When things fell apart, I lost two persons—a wife and a friend
When things didn’t work out between us, we knew it was best to head our separate ways. But in the process, I ended up losing two persons—a wife and a friend. Although a lot of ex-partners turn friends after separation, it was not possible in our case. We started our journey with friendship between two innocent children discovering the world together. But we ended it with a marriage gone wrong and two partners, remembering only the bitter experiences, vowing never to keep in touch ever. Yes, marrying my best friend definitely was a bad decision. - Times of India
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