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Fri, April 19, 2019
Eid-ul-Azha on 22 August
Dhaka, 12 August, Abnews: Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of Muslims, will be celebrated across the country on August 22 as the new moon of the Arabic month of Zilhaj was sighted in Bangladesh sky on Sunday.
The National Moon Sighting Committee came up with the decision at a meeting held at the national mosque Baitul Mukarram in the city since the moon of the holy month Zilhajj was sighted on Sunday in the sky of Bangladesh, an official of Islamic Foundation told BSS.
Religious Affairs Minister and committee chairman Principal Matiur Rahman presided over the meeting.
Muslims celebrate the Eid-ul-Azha on the 10th of Zilhaj to commemorate the true spirit of the sacrifice made by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). 
On this day, some 4,000 years ago, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) had offered to sacrifice his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (AS) who willingly submitted to the will of his father to please Allah.
To commemorate this historic event, the Muslims all over the world slaughter sacrificial animals and draw inspiration from the unique example of sacrifice to please Allah as shown by two great prophets — Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and Hazrat Ismail (AS).
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