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Tue, September 17, 2019
Opinion: Trump is doing Europe a favour
Jonathan Derbyshire: Emmanuel Macron, the French president, recently said that the EU is infected by a “populist leprosy”. Meanwhile European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker admitted before last week’s EU summit that the cracks in the organisation are widening.
Viewed in this context, Donald Trump’s observation that the EU was set up to “take advantage of the US” might seem particularly ill-timed. Yet, writes Gideon Rachman in his column this week, Mr Trump’s threats also serve as a reminder to member states of the importance of a collective defence of European interests.
The populist tide that is currently sweeping across Europe could rise further, of course. But we should not underestimate, Gideon argues, the EU’s remarkable ability to turn outsiders into members of the club.
Lawrence Summers argues that the idea of a “jobs guarantee” has much to recommend it, but that progressives should be wary of making promises they cannot keep.
Robert Shrimsley cautions restive members of the UK cabinet against thinking that ousting Theresa May will solve all the government's problems.
Anjana Ahuja has reassuring news for those of us consumed by thoughts of mortality: if we reach the age of 105, our chances of dying will stop rising. – Financial Times
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