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Mon, June 17, 2019
Opinion: Unrest in East and West
Miranda Green: Trade wars are absorbing all the attention in both Washington and Beijing. But Rana Foroohar writes that  the Chinese believe the US inability to curb its elites will be the country's downfall. By contrast, the Chinese president has shown determination to clamp down on the princelings. Whatever your view of the legitimacy of mass arrests and seizure of assets, the goal of heading off popular anger about the unequal division of economic spoils (and promoting economic development) is the right one, Rana believes. And the US also must find a way to control its moneyed and privileged class.
Italy's Salvini threatens the EU establishment 
Wolfgang Munchau explores the ways in which Italy's populists, and their allies across the bloc, can exploit the fertile territory created by chaotic EU immigration policy,
Spending the new NHS money well 
Jennifer Dixon of the Health Foundation argues that the NHS will be the test bed for how other global health systems adapt to rapidly rising and multiplying demands.
How data is changing the workplace
Gavin Kelly of the Resolution Foundation explains how employers currently have the upper hand in using information to make personnel decisions — but could employees and even trades unions make better use of these new tools against the boss class? – Financial Times
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