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Sun, August 18, 2019
Polls open in Turkey's high-stakes elections
Dhaka, 24 June, Abnews: Polls have opened in Turkey's high-stakes presidential and parliamentary elections which could consolidate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's hold on power or curtail his political ambitions.
Voters began gathering at polling centers early on Sunday to cast their ballots in the elections that complete Turkey's transition to a new executive presidential system that was approved in a controversial referendum last year.
Erdogan, who has been in power since 2003, is vying for a new five-year term with vastly increased powers under the new system. His ruling party is hoping to retain its majority in parliament.
Erdogan is however facing a more robust and united opposition, which has vowed to return Turkey to a parliamentary democracy with strong checks and balances.
More than 59 million Turkish citizens are eligible to vote.
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