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Thu, August 22, 2019
Opinion today: Shattering trust in America
Sebastian Payne: Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy continues to confuse onlookers, particularly regarding North Korea, which the US president once said could be a target of his “fire and fury”. Now the despotic regime has become a potential partner in peace. With Iran too, Mr Trump may be close to upending the status quo and reneging on the nuclear deal signed by his predecessor.
Philip Stephens argues in his latest column that Mr Trump’s ducking and diving approach is shattering international trust in American leadership. On Korea, Philip’s recent visit to Seoul showed him there are many doubts about the peace eagerly pursued by the US president and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea. Hope may be chasing out realism.
Even so, Mr Trump might eventually ignore South Korea and pursue a nightmare scenario: a deal with Kim Jong Un that would scrap Pyongyang’s ICBM programme but maintain its other nuclear and other missile capabilities. That might be a good outcome for America, but not for its allies.
The most underrated prime minister
Martin Wolf reflects on Harold Macmillian, the British leader who embodied a courageous pragmatism that, he argues, is sorely missing in the Conservative party today. With Brexit, insularity has finally overwhelmed Mr Macmillan’s common sense.
Advice for Tesla 
David Michaels, the former US assistant labour secretary, reckons Elon Musk’s car manufacturer needs to work on safety before production will fall into line. Worker injuries are often evidence of bigger problems in the system.
The media circus
Robert Shrimsley says that the White House correspondents’ dinner is an example of everything that looks wrong with political reporting. Journalists’ relationships with their sources need not be antagonistic, he argues, but an outsider mentality can help produce honest reporting.
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