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Sat, February 22, 2020
Are you feeling the Monsoon Blues?

Dhaka, 25 April, Abnews: While many romance the rains, there are others who feel grumpy and irritable during this season. Here's how to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The muggy and gloomy weather can surely dampen your spirits, while pushing you into a state of depression. And to add to that, the muck on the road and the horrifying train journey to work can make you irritable and upset during this season. But it's not impossible to cheer yourself up in this weather. Here are a few simple tips which will help you.
Call your friends over for a hot cup of coffee: The best way to relax and enjoy the season is by calling over friends to your home for a hot cup of tea/coffee. Apart from chatting, you can also play board-games or organise a movie marathon. You automatically start romantising the weather when you have people around you.
Go for a long walk: How many times have you heard those who love the rains say, 'It's great taking a walk when it's pouring outside?' and how many times have you wondered loudly, 'Are they crazy'? Well, it's your time to be crazy. Forget about the muck, dirt and water-logged streets and head out for a long walk. Says clinical psychiatrist Mimrah Ansari, "There's something energising about the rains. The cool weather instantly lifts your mood and you won't feel gloomy. It will also give you ample amount of time to think about yourself." You don't have to go out on a brisk walk — a normal or slow-paced walk will work wonders.
Brighten yourself up: The grey weather outside can really take a toll on your mind. To ensure that you stay happy and lively, try wearing something bright during this season. Colours like pink, blue, yellow, green, bright orange etc, instantly lift your mood.
Physical activity is a must: Says relationship counsellor Sauleha Shaikh, "The weather tends to make you lazy, and that, in turn, is a mood spoiler. This is why, you must invest half an hour of your time to exercising. You don't have to visit a gym for this. Simple exercises at home are enough. If you do not wish to do that, try dancing to peppy soundtracks, which will up your mood."
Pamper yourself: If you cannot think of ways to cheer yourself, go in for a spa treatment or indulge in your favourite comfort food. There are several spas in the city that offer seasonal treatments, which are designed specifically to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.
What are 'monsoon blues'? This is a Seasonal Affective Disorder or a mood disorder caused by the change in weather. There are many people who feel gloomy and lazy when it's raining.
Symptoms: The changes can vary from feeling irritable, sleepy, snappy, frustrated, angry, dull, low self-esteem, lack of appetite and oversleeping. – Times of India
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