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Tue, September 17, 2019
How to get over a girl
Dhaka, 5 April, Abnews: There are going to be (or there have been) girls in your life who you will date, sleep with, or hang out with and something will happen where she will drift from your life: breaking your heart. A lot of guys tell us, be it sex or love or whatever, that many of these girls are hard to get over. 
And, I can tell you first hand that, when it happens, it can be very hard to undertake emotionally. 
What It Can Feel Like
It feels as though she has brain fucked the shit of your life and it seems every single thought is directed towards her. You can't work. You can't sleep. It's a horrible feeling because you have only a limited amount of mental energy throughout the day and wasting it on her will greatly impact the growth of your productivity and any other opportunities that surround you.  
Yes, it is that bad. 
Some may say that this feeling is something every person should go through because it's a part of life, but no one really tells how to get over her and the steps to help you move on, faster. This is why I'm writing this article; for you and anyone who might deal with this situation in the future. 
Block Her From Everything
I don't give a fuck if you and her have exchanged 1,000 messages on facebook, xanga, friendster, gmail, phone... - block her and block her now. And, if you force yourself to man up and press the CONFIRM button, you're one step closer to freeing more of your mental energy. You can call this extreme and it is, but it needs to be done especially if you don't have the DGAF mentality.  
Think of it this way: blocking her detaches her from your mental energy. This way, you don't have an opportunity to check out her facebook photos, see her name pop up on gchat, etc. Also, by doing this, you're creating a psychological impact on your mind that you've pushed her away from your life; something that needed to be done. 
This also transcends to more than just the internet social realm; you should hide or throw away things in the trash that remind you of her. This includes pictures, stuffed animals, old condoms. 
You can go even further by tuning out music, television shows, restaurants, and anything and everything you think will trigger an emotional memory of her. These steps take discipline but they will help you get through it quicker, especially from the emotional baggage that comes along with things remind you of her. 
Now, every guy does it differently. I usually tell the girl that "we can no longer be friends and I hope the best for you" before I proceed with the blockage. However, if you think you'll be persuaded otherwise with some false hope that she'll come back or that you'll have her again, then block her without warrant. 
I'm Not Saying 
If this girl is in your social circle, then say hello but don't get too involved in her life. The idea is to distance yourself from her because if you don't, all hell will break lose. Like I said before, it should be crucial that you live in DGAF mode, but if you can't, then this is an extreme but very necessary route you should take. 
Go Out & Approach As Many Girls As You Can
The more successes you have with other girls, the more you'll realize that you don't need that "one girl" to be satisfied. There are a shitload of girls out there, each one with different personalities and thoughts; if you give yourself a chance, you'll run into a few who will mesh well with your life. 
So, the only way you'll know about these other girls is if you APPROACH. I've seen guys who have been year+ long relationships put their entire life at a standstill because of a breakup or grave relationship issues. The only way they were able to get over that one girl was by blocking her from their life and approaching other girls. I'm not saying it's not going to hurt, I'm saying you cannot let her (or anyone) halt your progress in life, and by doing what I've suggested, it'll be easier. 
It's called filling the void: the more you occupy yourself with other people, things, and events; the more you'll be able to understand there are other things out there than her. It's always easier said than done, but it's just something you need to push yourself to do. 
Ending Notes
Once you emotionally get over her, you can come back and become facebook friends again or add her on your phone. I highly suggest you don't, but I know a few guys who've made it work again. However, for the first few days, weeks, months, and even years, you need to man up and force yourself to block her from your life. 
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