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Sun, September 15, 2019
7 health benefits of eating 2 bananas daily
Dhaka, 13 Oct, Abnews: There was a time when I used to hate bananas, but now they form the most essential part of my healthy life. Banana is one of the affordable fruit available in the market that offers innumerable health benefits. Bananas help to treat hangover, treat constipation, helps to relieve morning sickness, treats cancer and offer other health benefits in a person. Research has proved that 2 bananas can give you enough amount of energy that you would get from 90 minutes workout. With the power to overcome various illness and syndromes, here are some benefits of eating bananas daily.
1. Helps to treat hangover
Bananas help to treat hangover in the person and let me tell you, even the worst hangout can be treated with just two bananas.
– All you need to do is blend two bananas in a grinder and add some honey for sweetness.
– Now mix a pinch of cinnamon powder to the banana smoothie and serve it cold.
2. Helps to aid digestion
Bananas contain pectin that helps to aid in digestion. Acting as a prebiotic agent in the body, banana helps to stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the body which helps to soothe the bowel digestion. Due to high fiber present in bananas, it helps to aid in digestion and helps to normalize the bowel motility. Also, people who suffer from constipation should eat one banana in the morning to normalise the bowel moment in the body.
Being one of the raw fruit in the kingdom, banana helps to relieve stomach ulcer by coating the lining of the stomach against aggressive acids. Eating bananas everyday can help to relieve acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD.
3. Helps to lower high blood pressure
Bananas help to lower the high blood pressure in a person because a small banana contains 422 mg of potassium and does not contain sodium. High potassium in the banana helps to neutralize the level of high blood pressure by raising the effect of sodium in the diet. People who have high blood pressure should always rely on eating one banana in one day.
4. Helps to create healthy cells
Bananas help to create healthy cells in the body. They contain 20 percent of daily amount of vitamin B6 needed in an adult body. Vitamin B6 present in the banana helps the body produce insulin, haemoglobin and non-essential amino acids that helps to create healthy cells in the body. Along with healthy cells, banana also helps to produce antibiotic in the body that helps to fight against the infection.
5. Helps to fight anaemia
Anaemia is a condition where the number of blood platelets and haemoglobin decreases in the body which leads to fatigue and weakness. Eating bananas helps to fight against anaemia in a person as they are rich in iron. Due to high content of iron present in banana, it helps to improve the production of haemoglobin in person.
Also, vitamin B6 present in the banana helps to maintain the level of glucose in the body which is very beneficial for people suffering from anaemia.
6. Helps to treat anxiety in a person
Generally, all men and women need 420 mg and 320 mg of magnesium per day, respectively and if the level of magnesium is low in the blood, a person suffers from anxiety, mood swings and other disorders. Generally, the level of magnesium is enough in our meal and hence you should consider eating bananas somewhere around in the evening when you are generally dealing with hunger pangs.
7. Helps to increase the level of Vitamin C
Although, you may consume orange and strawberry if you need vitamin C, but even bananas contain large amount of vitamin C. One small banana can give you 15 per cent of vitamin C in the body. Due to vitamin C present in the body, it helps to produce anti oxidants present in the body which helps to neutralise the free radicals in the body. Vitamin C helps to keep blood vessels healthy and produces collagen that holds muscles, bones and other tissues together. – Well or Die
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