Dirtiness and porn not free thinking: Sheikh Hasina
Published : 18 Apr, 2016 19:35:23
Dhaka, 18 April, Abnews: Sheikh Hasina, prime minister of Bangladesh, says, Dirtiness and porn story writings aren’t called free thinking.  A few people are writing abusive and porn story regarding religions.
The prime minister made this speech at Khamar Bari Krisibidh Institute on Monday 17th April 2016. The program was arranged by Bangladesh Awami League remembering MujibNogor day.  Senior presidium member of the party Syeda Sajeda chowdhury chaired the program.
Sheikh Hasina says, 'Hiting the emotions of believers in religions is not expected and acceptable. Currently, dirty thinking takes place of free thinking'. 
''I do believe, everybody has right to perform his own religions. If  anyone wants to write regarding religions to follow others’ emotions''. 
She also said about killing of bloggers. '' In which rights they are killing bloggers in the name of implementing islam. But allah says everybody must  to face justice hereafter life. Who gives right to kill bloggers.''
''That will be a peaceful country and no conspiracy will be accepted'' Hasina added .
The prime minister, indicating arrest of senior Journalist Shafik Rehman, says, if arresting criminal is crime, how will get justice? They saw a journalist, not a criminal!